Turkish coffee with cardamom spice

Discover the Secret Spices That Make Turkish Coffee So Irresistible!

As you take a sip of Turkish coffee, the rich aroma of spices will surely transport you to the vibrant markets of Istanbul. This delightful beverage is excellent on its own, however, it is often infused with a variety of exotic spices that give it its unique taste and character. One spice in particular, also known as the queen of spices, is the key ingredient in Turkish coffee, it is called cardamom.

First and foremost, the star of the show is Turkish coffee itself, :) which is usually a dark roast ground to a fine powder. Then, cardamom, the queen of spices and the signature spice, is added to lend its warm, sweet, and floral notes. 

As you take a whiff of cardamom, you can't help but be enchanted by its warm, sweet, and floral aroma. Its delicate and subtle taste creates a harmonious balance with the coffee, making it a favorite among coffee lovers. Its fragrance fills the air as the coffee brews, making your mouth water in anticipation.

The cardamom is usually ground together with the coffee beans and boiled in water to create a rich, flavorful beverage with a distinct aroma and taste. The amount of cardamom used can vary depending on personal preference, but it typically adds a warm, slightly sweet, and spicy flavor to the coffee. 


For those not familiar with the cardamom spice, here is some more information about the spice that evokes the scent of a thousand exotic markets, and is an essential ingredient in many cuisines across the globe. 


What Is Cardamom?

Turkish Coffee With Cardamom

Cardamom is a seed pod that comes from plants in the ginger family. Its flavor profile is sweet, floral, and spicy, with hints of citrus and camphor. 

Its history can be traced back to the ancient civilizations of India and Southeast Asia, where it was used in traditional medicine and as a flavoring agent in food. Over time, cardamom spread to the Middle East and Europe, where it became a highly sought-after commodity and a symbol of luxury.

Cardamom's cultural significance is reflected in the many legends and stories surrounding its origins. According to one popular tale, the Queen of Sheba gifted the spice to King Solomon as a token of her affection. 

Another story tells of the ancient Indian sage Agastya, who is said to have introduced cardamom to the world as a cure for digestive ailments.

Today, cardamom continues to play a significant role in culinary traditions worldwide. 

In the Middle East, it is used in sweet and savory dishes, while in India and Southeast Asia, it is an essential ingredient in curries and other spicy preparations. In Scandinavia, cardamom is a popular flavoring for sweet baked sweet goods like bread and pastries, and in South America, it is used to flavor coffee and other beverages.


Other Popular Spices Commonly Used in Turkish Coffee

Other exotic spice mixes that add depth and complexity to the flavor of Turkish coffee are the spices that add a perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and earthy flavors, creating a complex and irresistible taste. Here are a few:



Turkish Coffee With Cinnamon

A spice obtained from the inner bark of several tree species (Cinnamomum family), cinnamon is widely used in Turkish coffee and has a sweet and warm flavor. It is native to Sri Lanka and southern India. Its flavor profile is warm, sweet, and woody, with a subtle spiciness. 

The warm and woody flavor of cinnamon is a perfect complement to the dark roast coffee used in Turkish coffee. With its delicate and subtle taste, cinnamon blends seamlessly with the coffee, creating a harmonious balance that pleases the palate. As you sip on a cup of Turkish coffee infused with cinnamon, the sweet and spicy notes will dance on your tongue, leaving you with a warm and comforting feeling.



Turkish coffee with cloves spice

Cloves come from the dried flower buds of the clove tree, native to Indonesia. Its flavor profile is pungent, slightly sweet, and with a bitter note. 

Clovers are often used in combination with other spices such as cinnamon and cardamom. They have a strong and distinctive taste that adds depth and complexity to dishes, and their aroma is warm, sweet, and aromatic. The spicy and earthy notes mixed with coffee beans create a flavor explosion.



Turkish coffee with nutmeg spice

Nutmeg is the seed of the nutmeg tree, native to the Moluccas in Indonesia. Its flavor profile is warm, slightly sweet, and nutty, with a subtle spiciness. It has a unique aroma that is both sweet and spicy, giving a touch of sophistication to your perfect cup of Turkish coffee. The warm and slightly sweet taste of nutmeg rounds out the flavor profile, leaving a lingering and pleasant aftertaste.

Turkish coffee infused with nutmeg gives significant complexity and depth of flavor.



Turkish coffee with ginger

Ginger is a root native to Southeast Asia used in cooking and medicinal practices for thousands of years. It is often used to add warmth, spicy flavor, depth to the coffee, and a subtle kick. Its flavor profile is warm and spicy, with a slight sweetness and a subtle earthiness. With a pungent and zesty aroma, ginger can add a refreshing kick to dishes.

This spice also gives Turkish coffee a slight zing and a pleasant warmth that lingers in your mouth and leaves you feeling invigorated.


Star Anise

Turkish coffee with star anis

A spice native to China, star anise has a licorice-like flavor, and it has a unique shape that resembles a star. It is often used in Turkish coffee to add depth and sweetness. 


Black pepper

Turkish coffee with black pepper

Native to India, black pepper has a spicy and slightly pungent flavor often used in Turkish coffee. It adds a subtle heat to the coffee and pairs well with other spices. 


How to add spices to the coffee preparation process?

Here's one way how to incorporate spices into the Turkish coffee preparation process:

  1. Choose your spices. If you have not tried it before, experiment by adding one spice at a time, then add more spices, and mix to your preference. 
  2. Grind the spices. Use a spice grinder to grind the spices into a fine powder. For a coarser grind, you can also use a mortar and pestle.
  3. Once you have ground the spices add them to the coffee grounds before brewing. The number of spices you use will depend on your preference and the strength of the coffee you want.
  4. Brew the coffee and add the spiced coffee grounds to a cezve, a small copper or brass pot used to brew Turkish coffee (how to make Turkish coffee step by step). Add water and sugar to taste (optional) and bring the mixture to a boil. As the coffee brews, the spices will infuse the coffee with their flavor and aroma.
  5. Serve and enjoy. Once the coffee has been brewed, pour it into small cups and serve immediately. 

The spices will add a unique and delicious flavor to the coffee, making it a perfect way to start your day or enjoy it as an afternoon treat.


How to sweeten and serve Turkish coffee with spices?

Use a cezve to brew your coffee (this is a step-by-step article on how to prepare Turkish coffee). Add sugar while brewing (optional). 

Turkish coffee is traditionally sweetened with sugar. You can add sugar to the cezve while brewing the coffee. This will help the sugar dissolve and distribute evenly throughout the coffee. 

Next, add spices to the coffee grounds before brewing to infuse the coffee with its unique flavor and aroma. Serve in small cups.

Extra tip. Offer a glass of water: Turkish coffee is strong and flavorful, and it's a good idea to offer a glass of water to your guests to cleanse their palate between sips.

Extra, extra tip. Serve with a sweet treat. Turkish coffee is often served with a sweet treat like Turkish delight or baklava. These sweet treats complement the rich, complex flavor of the coffee and make for a delicious and satisfying experience.


Turkish Coffee Spice Mix Recipe

Here is a recipe for Turkish coffee spice mix. Ingredients:

  • One tablespoon of ground cardamom
  • One teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger


  1. In a small bowl combine the ground cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger.
  2. Mix the spices until they are well combined.
  3. Store the spice mix in an airtight container in a cool, dry place until ready to use.
  4. To use the spice mix, add a pinch of it to the ground coffee before brewing. 

You can adjust the amounts of each spice to suit your taste. Some people prefer more or less cardamom, for example, while others may prefer more cinnamon or nutmeg. Experiment with different amounts to find the perfect blend for you.

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